The Rigor of Partnerships

We went back and forth for what seemed like half of a day; half of a good day arguing over who was wrong and who was in the right, quarrelling over who was doing the bulk of the work versus who was lagging. It was a test of our friendship at the highest level; because […]

It’s Okay…. No Serious That’s It!

Amid chaos, it is said that humans should emerged with a superpower; a beyond the galaxy renewal of thoughts, and daily practices; in layman’s terms, social media has told us that every individual should take this time to discover themselves through development of businesses, by finally preparing the business plan, start the business, the Youtube […]

How to Build a Successful Sales Funnel?

In order for you to build a successful sales funnel you need to actually know what one is . When you think about your target audience you often think about their age, gender, status, and even buying behaviors. But let’s take it one step further and discuss the actual process of a purchase. No matter […]

So You Think You Can Sell

If I hear one more cliche sales technique I think I am going to scream!!! When you walk into the dealership…”How can I help you today or which car do you want to drive out with today? When you sign up for a free ebook or master class online and they bombard you with useless […]

You Know Everything Right?

I just had a conversation with my fifteen year old niece; well I would love to think of it as a conversation, where I spoke on issues that may seem daunting now but will eventually affect her in the future; however, I am sure she saw it as a monotonous lecturer from an adult who […]

The Dream Doesn’t Work if You Don’t

Dreams don’t work unless you do and that is not a fad. We sometimes get so overly excited about things we dream up that we just hurdle over the fundamentals without placing any amount of thought into “The Planning” and just as easy as closing our eyes to dream it, the dream fades into the […]

Sometimes you have to lose to win !

I came across a meme some time ago while casually scrolling through my Instagram feed, it read “Learning how to lose is just as important as winning”; or something similar to that effect, but it resonated and rightly so; because it was true. Losing has a negative connotation and leaves us with a bitter taste […]

How well is your relationship?

I dont know what comes to the minds of individuals contemplating the rigors of entrepreneurship when the concept of Public Relations (PR) is introduced into the list of things to ponder, I know I was only chipping the surface of an iceberg when I self labeled myself “PRO” back in 2013. When I originally romanced […]


Here we go again yet another thing to do! If fail to plan you plan to fail. Your foundation is everything but don;t forget consistency is key. Just because you have created a blueprint of map of your business operations, does’t mean its set in stone. You have to continue creating ongoing value for your […]

Advantages that Come from Our Challenges!

Okay woah woah woah! Advantages…..Challenges in the same sentence together? That seems to be a Oxymoron right? Well it’s not . Whether in business or your personal life you have to start looking at the glass half full. Turn those challenges into small victories. Ok enough of me babbling about how to be an optimist. […]