Amid chaos, it is said that humans should emerged with a superpower; a beyond the galaxy renewal of thoughts, and daily practices; in layman’s terms, social media has told us that every individual should take this time to discover themselves through development of businesses, by finally preparing the business plan, start the business, the Youtube channel, the blog page, the Instagram influencer vlog, but what if all some of us did after the pandemic was to come out this as better human beings?

What if all some of us did was start to see each, to fight for each other, to share with each other, to support each other, to love each other… what if all some of us exit this crisis with was a better understanding of self? Not everyone was meant to create a business, not everyone possesses the git from that life, not everyone will ever be inspired enough by any amount of post, of inundated startups. Not everyone even had a business idea or thoughts of same going into this crisis, but yet again even in aseason of pause, of relentless suffering in the world, persons are being subliminally told to do things that are not of them; because this is now the new “trend”. If you leave this Convid-19 stay at home situation with just your sanity intact; then you would have left with everything that matters.

You may lose a job, but the market will bounce back

You may endure a period of slow progress, but that will not last forever

You may lose someone; though we pray you will not have to, and time will help to heal the pain

You may be confused and going crazy with thoughts ofuncertainty, but that confusion you can channel

But if you lose yourself, that is something you may never be able to regain

So, businesses are starting up and you have not an ounce of care regarding entrepreneurship. That is okay

Youtube channels have increased; you may even see friends and family members doing this, but you do not have a desire to. That is okay

It is okay if all you want is to use the skills that you have honed, to simply show up to work everyday, and that will be okay; because what would the world look like at this very time if every Doctor, every Nurse, every essential worker that puts their lives on the line day after day had decided to just do something else. Whatever your job is, we need you too.

Do not be rushed and do not feel forced by anyone’ believe of the time. The time belongs to you as well, to formulate your own thoughts and develop your own means of coping, your own meaning of the crisis, to recovering with your own plans.

Our business, being an entrepreneurial effort does believe in creating something that is yours, something that will inspire others, something that fifty years from now you can look back at and say I created that, but do that on your terms, do it from a place of intention and not from a panic.

But, if any point you decide to create something for yourself, we will be here waiting and able to guide you along the way.