If I hear one more cliche sales technique I think I am going to scream!!! When you walk into the dealership…”How can I help you today or which car do you want to drive out with today? When you sign up for a free ebook or master class online and they bombard you with useless jargon and information that may not even align with your business and its goals. When your in the aisle at Walmart or another similar store and you change your path just to avoid that pesky cable company sales rep who’s going to ask you “Hey who do you have for your cable provider? I can’t be the only one strategically planning my exist when going to the furniture store.

There are over 115 million small businesses in the world yes you read right not 115 or 1,115. 115 million small business which means everyone is trying to get a piece of the pie whether offering a product or service its still all selling. Think about the examples above how does it make you feel when you are looking to purchase something and the sales person completely turns you off. What exactly did the sales rep do to turn you off or make you purchase elsewhere? Now think about how you approach your customers and prospective clients. What questions do you ask them? Are you asking closed-ended question where your prospect can just answer yes or no? Start asking power questions!

And no this has nothing to do with electricity yeah I know corny. See how weird it makes you feel when someone says corny things. So you make sure you don’t do it . A power question leads into more information about your prospect. Gives you ample information to close your sale and gets your prospect thinking. Even if they don’t have the answer they will have said enough for you to give them a solution .

Do your customers like your product/ service? No they don’t…………. yeah right noone’s going to admit that their product or service may have flaws

Try this instead: How do your customers react to the webinars you provide?

What do your customer’s have to say about your new lashes that you debut?

What kind of feedback do you get on what you’re currently using?

If you are trying to get more insight on a customer’s view on a particular product start your questions off like this:

What do you like about XYZ product?

What would you change about XYZ product?

What is something that you would improve about XYZ?

If you could have one extra feature from a supplier, what would it be?

Some other starters:

What do you look for in…..?

How do you determine…..?

What makes you choose….?

How do you Propose…..?

And please don’t just go firing off asking prospects a million questions start off light and ease your way into it. Most importantly listen for goodness sakes!!!

Nothing will kill your sale more than you asking the wrong follow-up question or none at all. Make your prospect think, think so much that they think their way to your product or service.