I just had a conversation with my fifteen year old niece; well I would love to think of it as a conversation, where I spoke on issues that may seem daunting now but will eventually affect her in the future; however, I am sure she saw it as a monotonous lecturer from an adult who doesn’t understand. I remember being her age. I remember thinking I had it figured out, how could I not! It was my life, I had time, I would be fine, but I wasn’t fine. I rejected everything my mother and everyone who predated me tried to teach, because I was bent on living my own life on my own terms.

Doing things your own way is perfectly fine, in fact we promote it, because that is what entrepreneurship is all about, right? Walking in your own passion with individuals who also share that passion, creating something that has yet to be, so that the world can partake of your dream: your individuality, your masterpiece. Then, there is this diminutive detail to growth and to succeed that we sometimes ignore, counsel. In the business arena we call it consulting. Some of us have an experienced aunt that may guide us through the rigors; tell us all the truths we would rather ignore, some of us have family that will offer up knowledge they have gained from instrumentally creating their own platform but what about the others? The man or woman with that great idea that just needs someone to steer them in the right direction; not create false hope, not to diminish the dream, but a professional with your best interest at the forefront, that integrally work with them and for them to help you achieve the best out of their business plan.

No, a consultant wont fix everything because naturally the onus is on the person to do the work to get that business from the plan, from the consultants research, from the ground to the physical establishment of the business, but understanding that a structure will not stand without a solid foundation is the first step to achieving success in business and in life. So, while my niece probably thought to herself, “yes, yes, I have heard this before!”, it remains true, nothing is inherently hard unless we make it hard, by trying to jump a few steps or ignoring warning signs. Everything has its place, as an order, and when we are careful to seek advice, to listen and apply ourselves based on the “lecture”, things do become clearer and the steps we need to take for application becomes more definitive.

And yes, the conversation I had with her may have gone over her head, but she will learn, eventually. She will have chances to make mistakes and someone may clean it up or prepare a way so she will have another go at it, but as adults sometimes we only have one shot to do it right. With that one shot, don’t ignore the importance of getting a consultant to help you line up the blocks.