Dreams don’t work unless you do and that is not a fad. We sometimes get so overly excited about things we dream up that we just hurdle over the fundamentals without placing any amount of thought into “The Planning” and just as easy as closing our eyes to dream it, the dream fades into the black. Humans are naturally enthused about the possibility of pretty much anything that lifts the darkness, but anything that is worth it, will demand time. Time to properly plan, to efficiently draft, to structure, to initiate. Nothing great can be achieved without putting in the magnitude of work it will require to manifest the dream. That manifestation within itself, sometimes takes years to come to fruition. The important key point to maintain, is to keep laying the foundation, brick by brick building a dream that will hold, a company that will create its own identity, its own lane. A dream come through. We had discussed in a previous blog about learning that growth will come with separation from certain things and persons, and the same still holds true here. While you take the necessary time to do the work: attend the meetings, the forums, the seminars, endure the highs and the lows, you will lose some of the things you used to value. Staying the course; however, is the only way to see the dream through. No great athlete has ever gotten that status off talent alone. They worked hard to get noticed and even harder to maintain their titles, which ultimately transitions into a brand, their business, their company. Deciding to go into business is not an overnight thing. It isn’t something you decide on a whim; which will explain why thousands of business each year fail before they even begin. Learn the history of your market, study the market, study the people excelling at the thing you are trying to do, get insight from the experts, get a team, do the ground work, take the time and create that business that the world is waiting on. Dreams don’t work unless you do, so get to work.

When Tiomanta was a mere concept of our CEO, there was a list. A list of all the documentations that needed to be acquired, a list of all the necessary implementations and systems that would be necessary to get the business started. There was a budget for all the applications and additional certifications that went along with being a serious business consulting firm. So in 2017 the business was named and registered, but after that came the hard part, working to make sure that the registration process was not the beginning of the end. You will notice from our social media platforms that the job is never done, marketing and branding is never done. Consistently growing to meet the needs of the persons we wish to serve is a constant process, and one which we do enjoy. We moved the dream from the brainchild of one individual to a collective effort; because the believe in the potential of the dream, of the business, to become that which you now look upon needed to be harvest, and we did that with daily conviction, daily work ethics. So no, your business will not just start to do well off mediocre practices but on a solid decision to make it successful by doing the work.

We are dedicated to helping you make that dream a reality. Our business is yours.