I dont know what comes to the minds of individuals contemplating the rigors of entrepreneurship when the concept of Public Relations (PR) is introduced into the list of things to ponder, I know I was only chipping the surface of an iceberg when I self labeled myself “PRO” back in 2013. When I originally romanced the PR role as an overly helpful, unpaid, neighborhood friend to a plethora of promotional entities, I had no clue of the treasure I was so easily and freely giving away. Without any professional certification to solidify my work, I was an integral part of the public’s perception of what any of the given entities were; that is the importance of Public Relations. How the public see your company’s role in their individual lives and the community on a wider scale. The mistake companies make in neglecting their reputation has proven to be futile to their products or services.

Once people are at the center of your business- and what business functions without people?- there will always be a need for image and reputation building, image and reputation protection; this is the true test of all businesses. With growth and expansion businesses will be introduced to an array of “new”. New focus groups, new product or service, new demands, and new responsibilities. How would you manage? How would you safeguard your image while still maximizing on profit? The importance of having an in-house team or an outsourced entity, whose business is to protect your business, is priceless. From the start up process of getting your name on the competitors list, to daily normal operations, to managing unexpected events that puts a hole in normal business operations. The key to sustainable growth is garnering the trust of the publics through PR practices.