Here we go again yet another thing to do! If fail to plan you plan to fail. Your foundation is everything but don;t forget consistency is key. Just because you have created a blueprint of map of your business operations, does’t mean its set in stone. You have to continue creating ongoing value for your clients. Or guess what they will find that value with someone else worthy. This model should start from conception of your business idea, what is your definition of success and how will you know that you’ve reached it? How exactly will you create value for your clients.

Clients hmmmmm, but wait who are your clients? No serious that’s a question I’m asking you. If you don’t know your target audience you are wasting your precious time. You could put out 1000% and it wouldn’t mean anything if you are marketing and advertising to the wrong group. I’m not sure about you but I don’t have $$$$$$ to waste. Get to know your audience. Make a connection with them . Have empathy for goodness sakes! Having empathy will allow you to put yourself in the shoes of your client that way you create a better product or service for them. Stop making all these promotional ads and content that just makes the client feel like they are a number. Instead create educational content that has value. Try to narrow down your target audience to 2-3 groups. Once you have identified that really research their demographics, what challenges they face, and what solution you have to offer them. Take a look at some successful brand they may appear to be for everyone but they actually gear their efforts to a particular audience. That’s home work for you

Now that you know who your are going to target, what exactly is your business process? What activities do you need to do to fulfill the solution to your client. Are you offering a product or service. What types of services? How can you offer something if you don’t know in detail what that is ? Now that you have the process down pat what business resources do you need to carry out these processes? For example do you need a warehouse, capital, a website, client lead list, etc.

So you have your product and or service mapped out , you know who your going to market to…but there’s just one problem 5000 other individuals have the same product or service that you do. I guess you better give up and try something else…..NO discouragement here. What you have to do is create a strong value proposition. Unless you are some rare being that has figured out something that noone else has then you will always have competition. Even if you did create something innovative you can bet your bottom dollar others are going to try and add something or correct something you missed create a better product. How will you be different from your competitors?Most importantly how will you remain valuable to your customer over the life span of your product or service? This means you have to constantly research your industry. What are the clients in your industry complaining about , what do they like, what would make them switch?

No man (or woman) is an island. I know you are awesome but you must have some key business partners to be able to operate. Its imperative to identify your key business partners. If you have a a product that you make you have suppliers. You may have advertising partners or even a consultant. Whomever your key partners are ensure you have a strong relationship to keep your operations going smoothly.

So you created this awesome brand and you have gotten the attention of a few clients. What now. Ensure you have created a demand generation strategy. In this strategy it will map out how your customer will take action. Great post but is that lead being converted into a client? Do you have a book now button or a website with contact info so they can find you? You did all the work don’t just stop there you need to close the sale!

If you don’t remember anything from this long blurb remember this your business model will grow with you as you continue to grow after all its the blue print to your ongoing success. Trends will come and go and you may need to be inline with that and have a competitive advantage.