How can you successfully close the deal or sell to your customer if you don’t know your customer? Customers’ personality can be separated into 4 different personality types.

Assertive: Someone with an assertive personality will be goal oriented , competitive, and decisive. Whats does that mean? You need to ensure you deliver on your commitments if you want maintain let alone form a healthy business relationship with this personality type. Don’t beat around the bush get straight to the point as they can be impatient and controlling.

Now how can you win this personality type over you ask hmmm lets see……

– Always be professional , don’t guess or make up stuff you don’t know they’ll be able to tell right away

– Tap into their competitive nature and show them how your product or service will give them a competitive edge

-Stick with the facts and limit the emotion, they don’t to her about how your parents loved your product or service shows them results

Keep it short , they aren’t too much for the listening

– Demonstrate why they need you, all the bells and whistle, premium features, etc will not impress this group. Why your product or service over others?

Amiable: This personality type may not do much research before meeting with you or requesting more about your products. They love making personal relationship and just need to be able to trust you. Along the sales or client acquisition process may be longer with this personality type, you have room to guide them through the process, as they love challenges and will try new things. This is after they have gotten the approval or opinions of valued friends/family or team members.

How to close the sale or gain a new client with this personality type……

Don’t come off as a sleazy car salesmen, you have to build rapport

Help them visualize how your product or service could help them achieve their goals

-Amiables are full of anxiety be sure to give them a personal guarantee, whether thats a trusting return policy or assurance of proven success with your services

-Just how we are consulting you , advise to them ! Help them make a decision as all the information can be overwhelming.

Expressive:Also known as “Humanist”. They tend to be always concerned about others. How will your product or services suit their customers and/ or employees? They value loyalty. They want to feel connected on a personal level. Do make promises that you can’t keep or else bye bye client. They know what their beliefs are.

How to make the connection with this personality type…….

-Don’t think that you are just going to say that your product and service will be good for their customers and/ or employees. Be prepared to do the research providing case studies proving that what you have to offer will be beneficial.

Data is important but its more important how will their decision to utilize your products and services will be effective with customers/ employees on a human level

Continually summarize and be in agreement throughout your pitch that your product or services is perfect solution to their want or need.

-Showcase your exceptional customer service highlighting how you always maintain your business relationships after the product is sold or services have been completed.

Analytic: This personality type loves their facts and data. They will take the time out to research you before purchasing or doing business with you. Yes if you can’t take the heat then get out the kitchen! You will be asked several detailed question. SOplease make sure you know your product and services without hesitation. They always keep deadlines, however surprisingly they take a longer time to make a decision. Do not rush them!

How to get this personality group to close with after they have analyzed you…..

– While you don’t want to overlook any details when discussing your product and service be prepared to discuss more custom, personalized solutions for their business.

Don’t try to force a relationship they will sense it

Now that you have read a million paragraphs on personality guess what? Most persons aren’t 100% one personality. They will have a mixture. One you get which personality type dominates your client put these tips to work.